I am a sophomore Advertising and English student at Drake University.  I have worked part-time in customer service but this has given me great communication skills.  My latest few semesters at Drake, I have taken classes in advertising, writing, digital media, and journalism.  I am a skilled leader, planner, and outside the box thinker. I often pursue non-traditional opportunities in which I can make great connections with people and that is what sets me apart from any other job candidate.


I am a Student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  I am a double major in Advertising and English.  I enjoy both writing and design.  I anticipate graduating in the spring of 2021.  My current GPA is 3.74 and has landed me on the Dean’s List each semester I have been here.  Before attending Drake, I graduated from Warrenton High School as one of the top students in my class.

Work History

When not in school, I work as a waitress in my hometown.  This has taught me people skills, responsibility, and teamwork, which are all necessary in the advertising world as well.  I am committed to my work and pride myself in being the best I can be in everything that I do.  This mindset brought about a promotion to trainer soon after I began working.


When I am at Drake I am taking courses in a variety of relevant disciplines.  Such courses include:

  • Reporting and Writing Principles
  • Advertising Principles
  • Writing Seminar
  • Visual Communication
  • Web Design

Honors and Activities

I am a Presidential Scholarship Recipient at Drake University and have served in numerous leadership roles.  In high school, I served as the president of our chapter of National Honor Society, and the Vice President of DECA, a marketing organization.  I have carried these leadership skills with me to college and am putting them to use through the Donald V. Adams Leadership Academy, my hall’s executive council, Alpha Phi Omega, and Drake Residence Hall Association.


I am a strong writer and leader in and out of my classes.  I am organized, creative, and work well in environments that require I communicate effectively and collaborate with others.  I continue to develop and refine these skills every day.

You can view a PDF version of my resumé here.



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