Recreating Family Photos

Recreating Family Photos

allynandtony It’s been an internet trend for years to find old, sometimes embarrassing family photos and recreate them as adults.

As a young person who spends considerable time on the internet, I thought about ways I could participate in this trend too. Last year around Thanksgiving my cousins and I were admiring an old photo of the four of us that was hanging on my grandparents’ wall. We had thought about recreating it before but because of our busy schedules, we just never made it happen.

It was around this same time we spent far more time together than usual. Our grandpa was sick and he was not doing well. We wanted to do something special for Christmas that would bring all of us together and bring a smile to Grandma and Grandpa’s faces.

Over the Thanksgiving break, we quietly agreed to split the cost of a photo session between the four of us. My oldest cousin and I were both away at college a majority of the time.  Because of this, we had to plan carefully and definitely do it on a weekend. Originally, we planned the photo session after the fall 2017 semesters of school. After receiving news that Grandpa’s condition was worsening we bumped it up to the first weekend in December, when we would all be home.

The studio was very accommodating, they let me call and change the photo session with only a few days notice. And this was the holiday season, so I imagine they were pretty booked and busy already.

Taking the Photos

The session itself was such a fun experience, we joked around and stood in such awkward, cringe-worthy poses. We brought snapshots from previous photo sessions that the photographer so willingly helped us create. I can’t imagine that she gets too many young adults coming into a family portrait studio looking to sit so close to each other as children do.

The energy there was awesome. When the four of us get started, it’s hard to stop us from repeating the same inside jokes and funny stories we have from our childhood.

The photos turned out exactly as I had hoped. We got them very quickly and in plenty of time for our family Christmas gathering. I drove to the studio, picked them up and brought them home to separate. I asked my mother to cut the smaller photos apart so they would be perfect. She was in on the planning, the family photos were for my dad’s side of my family.cousinsallyn

Gifting the Photos

We celebrate the holidays with our family on Christmas Eve. Sooner than I realized, the semester was over and I was home for the winter to celebrate with my family.

My favorite part of the holidays is to give thoughtful and cute gifts to my friends and family. This was a very special one for all of us. We secretly gathered to give our grandparents the photos before everything else. Grandpa was in his recliner and Grandma was standing next to him when we handed over a red and green padded envelope to them. I think it was a really special moment for all of us. It was hard enough to get us together for a photo, I think the old photo was about 12 years old. We even got my brother to smile for it.

Overall this experience is something I’ll cherish forever. I hope in another 12 years we can make it happen again.

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